Hwa-Yu Tai Chi Chuan

Hwa-Yu Tai Chi was first developed by Ch'en Hs-I for health and self-defense, while he lived in the mountains of the Shansai district of China during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) Hwa-Yu, like other styles of Tai Chi Chuan is a form of internal Kung Fu, and belongs to the soft schools of the Chinese Martial Arts. In contrast to the dramatic emphasis on Kung Fu's hard, or external character, there is another more traditionally valued soft, or internal side to Kung Fu. Soft schools of Kung Fu emphasize yielding to force as a means of subduing attack, rather than meeting force with force. The source of strength is derived from what is termed CHI(internal atmosphere), & GENG(bone strength), as opposed to visible muscular strength. Hwa-Yu comprises over 500 specific movements, & incorporates movements from two other internal schools of martial arts: Hsing-I & the rarely taught Pa-Kua. Its principles, though are the same. Chen Hsi-I during a stay in the Hwa Shan mountains developed an excercise called " Lop Hop Pak Fat " or the 6 combinations & 8 methods. Under the teachings of the late Master John Chung Li the excercise is recognized as HWA-YU TAI CHI CHUAN KUNG FU. 6 combinations: 1. The body combines with the mind. 2.The mind combines with the idea. 3.The idea combines with the chi. 4.The chi combines with the spirit. 5.The spirit combines with the movement. 6.The movement combines with the air. 8 methods: 1.CHI-The chi works internally, concentrated by one's spirit. 2.BONE-The internal force is concealed. 3.FEATURE-Movement is fluid & continuous. 4.FOLLOW-Meet an attack with circular movement, interpreting the force & yielding to it. 5.RISE-One's head is held as if suspended from above & relaxed. 6.RETURN-To maintain an even balance, movement in one direction is tied to its opposite (to and fro,up and down,left & right) 7.RESTRAIN-The mind should be calm, maintaining an inner void. 8.CONCEAL-The inner force is concealed until it is needed. Principles of practice Slowness/ Gracefulness/ Calmness



Hwa-Yu Tai Chi Chuan

"At the moment of opportunity attack at once"...."The opponent sees no resistance, but this is false, for you are concealed"...."one must meet an attack by being calm"..."move like a dragon rising from hibernation"....."yield to heavy attack"...."when contact is made, the inner force comes forth at once".............The basic body alignment.*The neck and head are straight, chin a little low.*The shoulders relax & sink. The chest withdraws, as you tuck the pelvis under.*The sacrum is straight, weight is lowered.*The breathing is relaxed, naturally through the nose, using the diaphram-chest relaxed.*The eyes follow the fingers & palms.Hands feel as if pushing upward, elbow lowered.*The waist precedes the arms (the sacrum circles inward & outward).*Legs slightly bowed, pelvis tucked, outside sole edge, heel & toes lightly grip the floor.*Though relaxed, the body is like a coiled spring requiring only a touch to set it off.........

The late Grand Master John Li

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Master Instructor Robert Xavier

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