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Wild Bill Welcomes You to my site!

Hi there folks! My name is Bill I live in Palmetto Florida. Palmetto is about 30 miles South of Tampa. I originally created this page with a Sony WebTV Internet terminal. I now no longer own the webtv terminal, but I do have 3 computers now. I enjoy Saltwater fishing, boating, snorkeling, digital video, and photography, Ham Radio, large caliber target shooting and Hwa-Yu Tai Chi Chuan. I also like surfing the web. This page was born on 3/12/97 !!!!! O.K. I am going to be making my web site into a massive construction zone, starting today 7/6/99. I plan on uploading numerous pictures, and possibly video clips. I will be adding pictures very soon. Some of the pictures will be older Army Tank stuff, fishing pics,and various places of interest in the greater Tampa Bay area. I also will be adding some digital photos, and digital art from some of my software. The software that I am studying is Metacreations Painter 6, Adobe Photoshop 6, Image Ready 3, Adobe Illustrator 8 / 9, Adobe InDesign 1.5, other Metacreations - Bryce 4, Poser 4, Canoma. Other software that I am trying to learn is Macromedia Flash 4 / 5, Macromedia Director 8 Shockwave Studio, Freehand 9, Adobe Live Motion 1, Adobe Go Live 5, Microsoft Photo Draw 2, Frontpage 2000, Adobe Premier 6, and Paint Shop Pro 7.... I also have some major help with my two Wacom Intuos graphics tablets and digital pens. Hope you enjoy your visit! See Ya!....Wild Bill. This page was born on 3/12/97...and last updated on 3/22/01.

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