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Pictures from Wild Bill

I have started to add some pictures here for your viewing enjoyment. I have put together old pics, and some new pics. I will add Army photos, fishing pics, scenic areas around Tampa Bay and Florida, and other stuff. I also will have some neck surgery x-ray stuff, powerboats, and many more items. Hope you enjoy!

Wild Bill's amazing, cool, and wierd pictures

1983 1st Armored Division 3/35 Armor Alpha company:
1983 Ft Knox, Ky 1st Platoon A-2-1Honor platoon:
Me & others standing on tank at Ft Knox 1983:
Me at German Army Post 1984:
Me at West German border point 1984:
Me (1st tank) driving tank thru German town:
Me in field - Germany 1984 45 cal submachinegun:
Me w/ 1st Platoon Basic training - Ft Knox 1983:
Me w/ tank 1983 Ft Knox:
My tank crew in tree line Germany 1984:
Ft Knox Basic training pic ( I am center front row ):
1st Armored Division Patch:

More pictures from Wild Bill

Neck surgery x-ray (Sept 98) titanium plate in my neck:
titanium plate in my neck - x-ray Sept 1998:
another x-ray - titanium plate in my neck:
Me w/ my truck on Ham radio - Sept 98:
Me getting Hwa-Yu T'ai Chi Chuan Instructor certification - Feb 18, 1999:
99 Suncoast Offshore Gran Prix boat race photo1:
Gran Prix boat 1 photo 2:
Gran Prix boat 2:
Gran Prix boat 3:
Gran Prix boats 4 & 5:
Gran Prix boat 6:
Gran Prix boat 7:
Gran Prix boat 8:
Gran Prix boat 9 w/ helicopter:
Gran Prix lead boat video clip - Sarasota, Fl 7/4/99: avi format, 17 seconds, & approx 1.12 MB
corridor to area of bodies: These next 30 pics are freaky. Mummy's/skeleton's & bodies from pics taken from relatives in italy
1st view of bodies - several:
body in view of cage:
mummified skeleton slumped over:
skeleton inside cage:
mummy with mouth open:
mummy view close up = freaky:
bodies lying & standing:
body w/ skulls & note on body:
bodies behind cage / vert & horz:
more bodies:
face of mummy next to skulls:
mummy behind cage:
another mummy behind cage:
half mummy / skeleton:
close up of skull / mummy:
close up skull / mummy # 2:
2 bodies hanging on wall:
mummy face close-up:
several bodies inside cage:
baby mummy / skeleton:
smaller bodies:
more smaller bodies:
more bodies on walls:
more bodies #2 on walls:
body in a glass casket:
close-up of baby mummy:
close-up of baby well preserved:
close-up #2 of baby well preserved:
close-up of baby mummy in a glass casket: